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Updated June 2019!

Make your artworks and websites friendly to Color Blind users!
The Colorblind Simulator Kit lets you see your designs as a colorblind...

Updated June 2019!

Make your artworks and websites friendly to Color Blind users!
The Colorblind Simulator Kit lets you see your designs as a colorblind person may in Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC, Lightroom 1.3 and later, Lightroom Classic 7.3 and later, .Adobe Camera RAW 10.3 and later, Lightroom Mobile.

Color blindness affects millions of people worldwide. It affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. The condition ranges from a variety of classes, red-green color blindness being the most common. The color blind have the inability to clearly distinguish between different colors, they tend to see colors in a limited range of hues. Because of this, the color blind have trouble with a lot of websites, signs, games or anything else involving color.

*Deuteranopia (Green-Blind): * With this type of color blindness people aren’t able to differentiate red and green. Reds are often mistaken as brown/yellow and green as beige. With deuteranopia, the green cone is missing.

Deuteranomaly (Green-Weak): This is the most common type of color blindness. People with this type see yellow and green as more red.
It is also hard to tell the difference between violet from blue. With deuteranomaly, the green cone is malfunctioning.

Protanopia: People who have this type of color blindness see red as black. Shades will appear more yellow, specifically those that are orange, green, and yellow. The red cone is missing in protanopia.

Protanomaly: With this type of color blindness, colors do not appear as bright. Colors such as red, orange, and yellow are greener. For those with protanomaly, the red cone is malfunctioning.

Tritanomaly: This type of color blindness is very rare. People will see blue as green.
They also struggle to differentiate yellow and red from pink. The blue cone is malfunctioning in tritanomaly.

Tritanopia: This is known as blue-yellow color blindness. People will see blue as green. They will also see yellow as violet or a light grey. The blue cone is missing.

Achromatopsia or Rod Monochromacy: With this color blindness, people are unable to differentiate any colors. They can only see black, white and shades of grey. This type of color blindness also causes severe light sensitivity. While this is the most severe, it is the most common type of complete color blindness.

Achromatomaly or Blue Cone Monochromacy: With this type of color blindness, people struggle to distinguish colors. It is very rare. All three cones are not functional.

Dogs do see some color. Unlike humans who are trichromatic, dogs are dichromats (only possess two color receptors/cones). Researchers have found that dogs have similar vision to those with a type of red-green color blindness.

Added June 2019:

Cividis and Viridis - Color Blind Engineers, Scientists, Investigators, Medical professionals can more easily analyze the works and avoid potential data interpretation artifacts.
Fastie helps to better examine the textures.
Viridis is based on a design by Eric Firing.

Please check the limitations:

Photoshop action and Abstract Profile for Color Lookup Layer:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6, all versions of Adobe Photoshop CC

Enhanced Profiles for Lightroom v1.3 and later, Lightroom Classic v7.3 and later, ACR 10.3 and later, Lightroom Mobile:
- Adobe Lightroom v1.3 and later (April 2018 release and later)
- Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3 (April 2018 release and later)
- Adobe Camera RAW 10.3 (April 2018 release and later)

Lightroom Mobile users please read:

!!! Not compatible with the older versions of Lightroom (1-7.2, like CC2015.5 and ACR below 10.3), it's not possible to recreate the profiles as the presets, so please check the version of the software before buying. Again, you need April 2018 release (Lightroom v1.3, Lightroom Classic v7.3, ACR 10.3) or later. Sorry No Refunds.

The list of Raztrend Colorblind Simulator actions and profiles:

  • Protanopia (Red-Blind)
  • Protanomaly (Red-Weak)
  • Deuteranopia (Green-Blind)
  • Deuteranomaly (Green-Weak)
  • Tritanopia (Blue-Blind)
  • Tritanomaly (Blue-Weak)
  • Achromatopsia (Monochromacy-Blind)
  • Achromatomaly (Monochromacy-Weak)
  • What a Dog Sees

Added June 2019:

  • Cividis
  • Cividis Inverted
  • Cividis Jet
  • Viridis
  • Viridis Inverted
  • Viridis White
  • Viridis White Inverted
  • Viridis Linear Lumi
  • Fastie

In the package you will get:

  • Photoshop Action set .atn file - 18 actions (Photoshop CS6 - CC 2020 and later),
  • 18 Abstract .icc profiles (Photoshop CS6 - CC 2020, and later),
  • Installing and Using Actions and Abstract Profiles (.pdf),
  • 18 Enhanced profiles (.xmp) compatible both with Lightroom 1.3 and later, Lightroom Classic 7.3 and later, Adobe Camera RAW 10.3 and later, Lightroom Mobile,
  • Zip archive to use in Lightroom 1.4 - 3.0+, Lightroom Classic 7.5 - 9.0+.
  • Installing and Using Single or Multiple Enhanced profiles in LR and ACR (.pdf),
  • Visual Test (.png)

How to use Lightroom / Adobe Camera RAW profiles:

  • Profiles are non-destructive and can be changed without loss of quality.
  • Suitable for RAW and Non-RAW (JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc.) images.
  • Suitable for Color and Monochrome images.
  • Can be viewed in the Preset Browser.
  • Easily customizable with Amount slider. You may make the finishing touches as well.
  • Compatible with Mac, and PC.
  • Easy to install.
  • Use of multiple profiles in your workflow.

How to use Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC action and Abstract profiles:

  • One Click Effect
  • The action works in English and in German versions of the Adobe Photoshop.
  • The users of Non-English versions of Adobe Photoshop, please use the Abstract profile only (please see PDF), you will get the same result.
  • The actions and Abstract profiles work on the images in the RGB, CMYK, and Lab color spaces.
  • Compatible with both a Mac and PC.


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