Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets that Just Work

Presets for Lightroom that just work.

You can get nice colors emulating film, and creating timeless memories, with just one click. You get 3 different presets, with a blend of tones and colors suited to different situations, from high dynamic range exterior scenes, punchy colors which emphasize the skin and a more neutral and classic look.

Each preset has unique tone/color curves that will produce dramatically different results depending on the exposure of your image. Play with that exposure slider to discover a completely new side to your picture.

With the easy 3-step workflow, designed for raw picture, you just have to:

-1st apply the preset -2nd adjust exposure if needed -3rd adjust white balance if needed

If you want to step up your color grading game without too much hassle, have nice consistency between your images, and most of all have colors that stand the test of time and trends like film photography... then search no more and try out these classic presets ;)

You will get 1 file

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