ZBrush 2019 What's New

45 Videos, over 3 hours of instruction covering every new topic in ZBrush 2019. NPR or "Non-Photo-Rendering" will open creative avenues to take new creations to the next level, as well as breathe life into old projects you have sitting in dusty folders on your computer. The new folder system provides some handy functionality beyond just organizing your files, ZRemesher 3.0 has an updated algorithm that works wonders on hard surface boolean and imported complex cad models, and spotlight 2.0 and it's integrated snapshot 3D functionality make creating new shapes in ZBrush a breeze! We'll also cover the new universal camera, creating custom tiling alphas for use in your renders (and more), and a few other odds and ends!

You will get 45 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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