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Female Anatomy Sculpting in Zbrush

Did you always wanted a detailed female anatomy tutorial  which covers everything from skeleton system sculpting to individual muscle sculpting to final character with fat and skin ?

Then this course is the right fit for you

Welcome to Nexttut education’s “Female anatomy sculpting in Zbrush” course


My name is Muhammad and I will be your instructor for this tutorial. I am a freelance 3D artist working in the video game industry. In the past, I have worked at company such as Hasbro, where I work as a digital sculptor. I have also worked at EA Sports as a character artist. I have also earn a masters degree in game development at Savannah college of arts and design.


By the end of this course, you will be able learn in-depth about the female anatomy by sculpting the skeleton system, the muscle system and the final female figure of your own for your portfolio. Everything from scratch in real-time.


Female Skeleton System Sculpting

Female Muscle System Sculpting

Head Anatomy

Torso Anatomy

Hand Anatomy

Leg Anatomy

Making a complete girl model using the anatomy knowledge

Poly painting the muscles


In the first few tutorials, we will spend time blocking out our reference mesh for our anatomy figure.

After that, we will dive in-depth from scratch into the head anatomy by sculpting the skull. We will spend most of our time after that studying reference and build every piece of muscles in the human body.

From there, we will move down and study in details of the torso anatomy, arm anatomy, and the legs anatomy.

At the end, we will wrap up the anatomy and sculpt the female figure . We will polish our sculpt in details and finish it with some nice lighting, pose and render it out as a portfolio piece.


This course is designed for intermediate Zbrush users who are looking to improve their anatomy sculpting skills.

Basics knowledge of Zbrush is required to follow along the tutorial.


There will be a 30 day money back guarantee, or you can also try the free preview if you want to look further.

I’m really excited for this course and I will see you then

You will get 137 files

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