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This is the Ultimate Guide to drawing the human anatomy!

  • ✅ 10+ hours of in-depth content
  • ✅ Great for artists of any level
  • ✅ Covers the entire body from head to toe
  • ✅ Packed tips and tricks to speed up learning
  • 🎁 Bonus layered PSD file with muscle groups

*Update 6/25/20 - Re-uploaded Chapter 1-1 again, fixed encoding

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Hey there! I packaged together all the anatomy classes I did for ART School in this stand-alone pack for those who want to seriously brush up on their anatomy!

Hundreds of hours when into making this so I really hope you get as much out of it as I believe you will.

ULTIMATE Guide: Drawing The Human Anatomy

✔ First Section

  • Preface
  • Head Shape & Proportions
  • Drawing the Ear
  • Drawing the Nose
  • Drawing the Mouth
  • Drawing the Eye
  • Finishing the Head

✔ Second Section

  • Drawing the Skeleton
  • Drawing the Sternomastoids
  • Drawing the Pectoralis Major
  • Drawing the Trapezius
  • Drawing the Deltoids
  • Drawing the Rotator Cuffs
  • Drawing the Abdominal Group
  • Drawing the Obliques
  • Drawing the Serratus Anterior
  • Drawing the Erector Spinae
  • Drawing the Latissimus Dorsi

✔ Third Section

  • Drawing the Upper Arm
  • Drawing the Forearm
  • Drawing the Hand
  • Drawing the Upper Leg
  • Drawing the Lower Leg
  • Drawing the Foot
  • Demo & Conclusion

⚠ If you have the complete ART School pack - This is already included!

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