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Hannibal - Matte Painting 2d / 3d

Over 3 hours of video in real time, demonstrating the process of creating this epic space matte painting using both 3d and 2d techniques. The tutorials begin with me preparing the assets, lighting and rendering. I then take the assets into Photoshop and begin the process of using these elements to create the artwork. Going back and forth between 2d and 3d techniques.

To accompany this video product I've created a 40 page book that which breaks down the process in even greater detail! I've also created a 12 frame high res JPEG sequence break down, so you can go through and clearly see the progress. I've also included the final artwork as a Photoshop .PSD, PLUS the 3d assets used in the video!

topics include:

3d lighting 3d rendering Volume Lighting Render elements Photoshop compositing techniques and more!

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