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Planes and Rhythms of the Head

This lesson contains 3 videos on the planes and rhythms with actionable practice templates. See free video offer below. In the first lesson you will discover: • a brief history of the the planes and rhythms of the head • the power the planes and rhythms and how leveraging them helps you simplify the complexity of the human face • how it helped me more quickly create hundreds of character designs for the Godfather game and many other game related projects In the second video: • I do a quick recap on value along with the concept of squinting and comparing to simplify what you see in front of you • then we get our hands dirty as I show you how to practice the planes and rhythms as I talk you through the whole process from start to finish • Finally, I analyze some Andrew Loomis head drawings and uncover how he uses the planes and rhythms to make his drawings look solid and believable In the third video: • I show you how to easily use these 2 ideas to come up with believable lighting on the fly increasing your creative potential Included: ***Actionable practice templates are included with exercises design to help you make measurable progress GO here to watch a FREE video tutorial on blocking in the rhythms in front, side and 3/4 views: Please like and subscribe to support me :) Length: approximately 30 minutes For mentorships and my online portrait course visit If you have questions or like more info email [email protected] Instagram: Thank you for your support, CJP

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