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Blender for Concept Art - Full workflow tutorial

Blender for Concept Sketching

This demo was created to help you set up scenes in Blender for paintovers or matte paintings. This is one of the techniques I use in my current workflow for professional and personal work.

In the first part of this tutorial, you will see how to set up the whole scene in Blender with the help of Megascans library and a few blender plugins. The second part will cover how to use rendered layers, add photo textures, and do a paintovers.

Blender Part 1 - Blender and Megascans Part 2 - Set building and shot setup Part 3 - Controlling the lighting with Physical Lighting Plugin Past 4 - Render Settings and Fog

Photoshop Part 5 - Use of rendered layers in Photoshop Part 6 - Photobashing and Cleanup Part 7 - Details and Painting Part 8 - Final Presentation and output.

Plugins Used: MegaScans Bridge Physical Sky for Blender SheCell Fractureter

Thanks for the support everyone! -Serg

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