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Having Fun With Master Studies

Every artist hears the advice from the professionals: "The best way to get better quickly is to do Master Studies!" However in reality, master studies (the act of re-creating a piece of art by/or in the style of an artist you consider a master) can have a tendency to start off fun, but become boring, academic, and not feel very creative by the end.

What if there was a way to make EVERY master study fun, engaging, and packed with learning potential, while maintaining your personal sense of artistic expression? Join a professional illustrator and digital painter from a BLANK CANVAS to a COMPLETED MASTER STUDY, with tips, tricks, and "works every time!" secrets to give your master studies a unique and fun feel, no matter the art discipline! These steps are interchangeable with any medium, allowing you to study in photography, painting (both digital AND traditional), charcoal, graphite, and even sculpting!

Get insider secrets including:

+ How to see the world around you in "values", making "seeing" much easier!
+ How to DEFINE "what kind of art do I like?"
+ The #1 secret to "picking the right color" on the color wheel, no matter your style
+ Getting over the dreaded "blank canvas syndrome"
+ Taking your initial sketches into a tangible, dedicated piece of art
+ Overcoming obstacles mid-project and fixing potential problems before they happen

With helpful hints and tricks, including over 3.5 hours of narrated video instruction, you can train your artistic eye, WHILE keeping your creativity! Learn something new every time, and embrace the magic that is studying from the masters!

What are you waiting for? Start seeing the true beauty behind your favorite pieces of art, and incorporate them into your work TODAY!

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