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Trent's Box Set of Tutorials Vol. 1 (2014-2015)

Over 25 hours of lectures and tutorials! Collecting the first 2 years of Trent's most inspiring video tutorials and featuring several never before seen uncut videos from workshops across the globe into one massive package! This collects all videos from 2014-2015

Whether you're a beginner, or a professional, these videos will dig into every aspect of drawing and designing, from sketching techniques to get you started, to the deep inner game of being a working artist in AAA video game development or comic books.

DRM free! Download all files and keep them forever! Stack em in a playlist and draw along! No Commercials or ads!

Complete with Brushes!

In this box set you'll learn- -How to paint with Gradient Maps! -How to colorize grayscale art with layer effects! -How to create custom Brushes (in photoshop) from beginner to pro! -Compositional techniques and tricks! -How to create compelling story in your paintings! -How to design characters and environments for AAA games! -How to face the blank page! -How to create comic book word balloons easily! -How to draw comic book pages!

Included Videos in this Box Set -

-TAJ- Ep 1 The White Bull -TAJ- Ep 2 A rough Deuce -TAJ- Ep 3 How To paint with Gradient Maps -TAJ- Ep 4 How to Draw faces -TAJ- Ep 5 How to draw a dog- Frost Demon Azumat -The Toe Illustration -2014 brush pack with video -Beginner Custom Photoshop Brushes -Advanced Custom Photoshop Brushes -Lizard Fishman (how to color line art in PS) -Cyborg Ninja -Ghost Rider TK style -Glass Dragon Compiled -Crescent Isle Winter scene Compiled -The Man and The Moonkin Character sheets -Chapter 3 The Earthfather Illustration -Rin Tora Character Sheet -Mao Tenza Key Art -Dark Forest -A Bad Omen -Pariahs -Tail of The Tenza -Easy Word Baloons -Artists Exposed Ashley Wood -Space Piratey Guys -Bandit Swordsman -Zero Suit Samus -Terra (Final Fantasy) parts 1-4 -Doctor Who -The Man and the Moonkin chapter 5 Ilustration -Mr Moustachio (Q and A!) -Hearthstone TCG Hateful Darkweaver -Hearthstone TCG Eradar Chaosbringer -Kung Fulio Parts 1 and 2 -Hanna Solo (Sketchbook Pro) -How to Draw Your Dragon (Sketchbook Pro) -Tricki Time -Vulcanic Lumberer Hearthstone card -Let's Talk about CreeD

Twilight Monk Comic book pages: -Book 2 Page 13 -Book 2 Pages 14,15,16 -Book 3 pg1 -Book 3 page layouts 1 -Book 2 Pages 26,27,28 -Book 2 page 45 -Book 2 page 46 -Book 2 page 47

You will get 54 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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