Easy Art Lessons 6- 10 (Perspective + Enviro)

If you always wanted to learn to draw on paper, these lessons are for you. In Easy Art Lessons 6-10 , you will learn to draw your own farmhouse, how to place windows and cast shadows to really bring your drawings to life using the fundamentals explored in the previous lessons, and applying them to more complex structures. I've developed the EASY ART method to get straight to the point, in STEP BY STEP real-time lessons that you can follow along with! Duration: 1.7 hours Now includes a bonus video featuring some common mistakes that people make drawing perspective, and how to fix them. Learn to draw structures in perspective, extract surfaces and develop your ability to imagine 3d objects as you draw along with me in real time videos. I take you through the process step by step. you’ll learn: -how to block out structures in perspective -align objects with each other in perspective -how to create depth -apply shadows to complex constructions -how to cluster details to not look boring -tips for how to tell story in your drawings -best practices for self improvement

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