Easy Art Lessons 1-5 (Beginner) - Draw on paper!

Would you like to learn how to draw? It's not as difficult as you might think! These VIDEO GUIDED lessons are designed for the beginner with little or no drawing experience to learn the basics, and start creating AMAZING artwork with nothing but pencil and paper after only one day! Your friends will be impressed with how quickly you will be able to draw and shade objects in just these short lessons. I've developed the EASY ART method to get straight to the point in STEP BY STEP real-time lessons that you can follow along with! Duration: 2 hours You will learn- Which tools you need How to improve your line art (confident lines) How to draw a sphere with depth! How shadows are cast How to create objects in perspective How to draw a AWESOME treasure chest How to draw a AWESOME barrel Most importantly you'll learn HOW TO LEARN ART RAPIDLY!

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