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The highest quality weapons for your first person indie project! Save big with the complete pack. You'll get a total of 20 modern fire weapons...

The highest quality weapons for your first person indie project! Save big with the complete pack. You'll get a total of 20 modern fire weapons to a bargain price. Not convinced? Try before buy with the free AKM, grenade and ammunition available! View the guns in 3D and check out renders on

What's in it?

Game ready lowpoly meshes and textures for

UMP 45 Sako 85 Ruger MK3 Stealth Hunter PX4 Sig Sauer P250 P90 MP5 M16A4 + Acog Scope M9A1 Black & Chrome M1014 Flaregun Fabarm Martial Glock 22 DT11 CX4 Storm Colt 1911 Black & Chrome MK18 & Scope CZ75 SP01 Mossberg 590A1 AKM (available as free download) MK2 Grenade (available as free download) All types of ammunition for the guns (available as free download)

High resolution textures exported out of Substance Painter for Unreal Engine, Cryengine 3 and Unity as well as "default" for any other possible use.

Important notes!

Every element on the object which requires animation has been detached and given the proper name. Every weapon material has the same name as the textures for it.

The intended usage for this model and it's textures are first person shooters. Polycount is equal to current generation games such as Far Cry or Call of Duty. You can downscale the texture from 4K to 2K or 1K to save memory but you'll get the highest quality to decide for yourself.

After importing the model and the textures into the target engine you have to follow the official engine documentation on how to set the material up. Rig, animations or sound are not included.

Try before buy!

Check out the free AKM before you buy. You can use it in any game and convince yourself of the quality level.

Naming Conventions:

WPN_ = Weapon Mesh

WPNM_ = Weapon Material

WPNT_ = Weapon Texture

Get in touch

In case of questions the best way to get in touch is to write a message through the official ChamferZone Facebook page. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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