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Cartoon Purple Monster Rigged

Low Poly of a Cartoon purple monster made with 3D Studio Max 8 and 2015

Two model are included into each format : Purple monster with winds, and purple monster without wings.

In 3D Studio Max version:

-The model is rigged ( pelvis,head,legs,arms,hands,spine,head,foot,fingers,wings). Texture are hand made and large enough for close view (3000 x 3000). No special render engine needed, just unzip and render.

3D Studio Max files (std and mental ray) come in T-pose . Two versions of 3d Studio Max are inclued for mental ray scenes. versions 8 and 2015, because the hair and fur modifier doesn't produce the same result between the two versions.

the scenes included are exactly the same than the presentation pictures

-The model is finely skined, the mesh is clean and Quad only, is very easy to anime, and perfect for game. some mophing targets are added for facial expression (Angry, sad, smile, eyes halfclosed, tongue out, mouth open/closed etc..)

Fur are made with hair and fur modifier included into standard tools of 3D Studio Max.

a readme file explains how easily change textures and a PSD file with a support layer lets you create yours owns textures easily

For FBX and Unity Package:

-The model is RIGGED For FBX And Unity Package but the facial expression and fur are not suitable.

For exchanges formats (obj, 3ds,St ):

-The exchanges formats are NOT rigged They are UVW mapped with the same textures than the native file. Exchange formats are quad only. eyes ball and teeth are separate objects Textures materials are included into each archive.

The model is print ready -size for printer in cm :8,36 x 10,67 x 11,84

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