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Weedo Tina2 1kg Spool Holder V2

Weedo Tina2 improvement part.
For personal non-commercial use.

This is an improvemment part for your Weedo Tina2 3D printer and can be printed by your Tina2.
It will clip onto the original Tina2 spool holder to let you use regular and easy to find 1kg filament spools.
The advantage over the previous version is that if you want to travel and pack back your Tina2 in its original packaging you won't have to unscrew anything.
Easy clipping filament guide included.
Easy clipping installation without the need for any tool (see Instructions.pdf).

What you will get

  • Watertight/manifold STL files
  • Ready to print Tina2 optimized Gcode files
  • Clear instructions PDF file

Print Settings

  • Rafts: No
  • Supports: Yes (except for the Filament guide)
  • Resolution: 0.2mm layer thickness
  • Infill: 20-25%

Post printing

Simply clip it on top of the Tina2 original spool holder.
Clip the included filament guide at the bottom/front/left of your Tina2.
See the included Instructions.pdf file for more details.

For more Tina2 related topics please visit my blog.

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