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Lowpoly PBR Military Jeep

Lowpoly PBR Military WW2 era US Army Jeep. The model is not rigged, but all the moveable parts are separated (including buttons and gauges on the dashboard), with proper hierarchy set up, so the model can be easily rigged and animated. The model has two textures set, the main one is provided in 4k, the additional one (for the removable parts of the model, such as the roof, gascan, spare tire, axe and shovel) are in 2k.

The model has 4 texture variations: - Clean; - Dirty; - Clean w/o markings; - Dirty w/o markings

Texture types: - AO; - Base Color; - Base Color/Opacity (Unity); - Normal (DirectX); - Normal (OpenGL); - Metallic; - Roughness; - Metallic/Roughness (Unity); - Glossiness; - Specular; - Opacity

The original highpoly bake textures (normal, AO and curvature) are also provided, in 8k and 4k.

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