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Shrineheart's Mega Pack 2 - 39 Packs

ALL OF MY BRUSHES ARE FOR CLIP STUDIO PAINT/MANGA STUDIO EXCLUSIVELY. This pack contains 39 packs. Adventurer's Pack, Bananbas, Birds of a Feather, Bubbles, Color Shift, Dual Tone Hair, Face Paint, Free Pack, Gel, Glitter and Glam, GOREmet, Grime and Grit, Invisible Ink, Ito, Oil and Ink, Painter Pack, Painter Patter, Painterly Fur, Painterly Leaves, Plant, Pride, Pride Party, Real Fur, Real Fur Dual Tone, Screentone Dots, Screentone Lines, Screentone Patterns, Second Space, Shine, Shuffle, Skin, Small Paint, Snack, Stitches and Lace, Stylized Fire, Third Space, Two Tone Hair, Varied Texture, Watercolor

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