Intro to 3D Prop Sculpting and Texturing

In this tutorial Seth Thompson teaches how to model, sculpt, texture, light and render realistic 3D props.

ZBrush 2018 - The course begins with modeling and sculpting of a detailed amulet within ZBrush, introducing a variety of excellent program settings, techniques and workflows. Techniques include using “UV Master” to create UVW Maps for use in texturing. You will also learn sculpting methods for generating detailed ornamental designs with incredible precision using image based maps or traditionally with hand sculpting techniques Seth has developed from years of experience. Procedural sculpting workflows using “Surface Noise” to quickly create realistic destruction and weathering are also explored. You will also learn how to create and export edge and cavity masks onto your UVW templates for use within Photoshop and Keyshot for texturing and generation of complex materials.

Adobe Photoshop – Throughout the tutorial Seth showcases numerous techniques within Photoshop for concepting, texturing and compositing beautiful images. Seth shares and shows his final PSDs used to create a beautiful gold painted design of Mount Fuji and dirt masks for texturing during the Keyshot portion of the demo. Techniques for creation of extremely detailed and precise designs with rarely used tools such as the pen tool, layer masks and paths is also covered. Seth also teaches how to work “non-destructively” insuring you can always go back to the original state of an image while having the freedom to explore and iterate multiple looks quickly and easily. At the end of the tutorial you will also learn many tips and tricks for editing and compositing of renders to create stunning images of your amulet.

Keyshot 7 Pro – In the Keyshot portions of the tutorial Seth starts by introducing the basics of the program, such as understanding the user interface and various features such as HDRI lighting, material application, scene management, and rendering performance. Shortly thereafter creation of custom layered metal and gemstone materials using the material graph is demonstrated, showcasing Keyshot’s rarely seen ability to generate highly realistic customized shaders. Users will also learn how to create object based lighting as well as singular image and animated turntable renders in addition to many other excellent Keyshot tips and tricks.

Knald 1.2.1 – As an alternative to generating edge and cavity masks from ZBrush, Seth introduces the powerful stand-alone GPU powered software “Knald”. With focus on “The Baker” tool users will learn how to quickly create a multitude of maps from their Amulet Models such as Normal maps, Height Maps and much more. This is an exceptional tool to learn if you want ultra-fast map generation from extremely detailed and polygon dense models.

Magic Looks Builder – Seth also gives a brief introduction to the amazing image compositing and color correction software Magic Looks Builder.

Downloadable Bonus Content:

When you purchase this tutorial you will also receive downloadable versions of all the video chapters as well as several versions of Seth’s amulet Keyshot ZTool files including the final UVW mapped, production ready ZTool. All images and PSD files showcased are also included along with the final textured Amulet Keyshot Bundle file. Users are free to open, use, review and modify all of the included files as they wish, allowing a true “behind the scenes” experience and also offering a great way to learn.

Additionally Seth has included a number of render and images from his previous personal art projects for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to watch the video tour of the downloadable content available with your purchase.

See more of Seth’s Art here:

Important Notices:

HD versions of Keyshot do not provide access to the “Material Graph” tool for creation of custom materials. Versions that do include the “Material Graph” are listed and linked below:

KeyShot Pro KeyShot Pro for ZBrush KeyShot Pro Floating KeyShot Enterprise

The video portion of this tutorial will also be available in online streaming format for free on Seth Thompson’s YouTube channel linked below. The benefit of purchasing this tutorial is for you to own and use all of the excellent downloadable bonus content listed above. Thanks so much for your support - Seth!

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