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Dove - Echoes from the Past

Dove - Echoes from the past

My original character (OC) Dove, a vampire hitwoman who's been roaming the Earth for several centuries.

I wanted to portray her in a kind of ancient Asian outfit, as she's traveled to many places, and lived in many different places on this long journey.

And so, a contract in the past brought her to these places and, like all good hitwomen, to adopt the local customs and dress, the better to blend in.

The line sketch is not "screen recorded" but you can see it in the timelapse record (the linesketch is done on one layer only using one brush)

What you'll get:

  • Realtime video process (≈ 5hrs, no voice over)
  • Timelapse video process (≈ 1hr, no voice over)
  • CLIP and PSD files (with all layers)
  • Brushes that were used for this painting (+ ABR brushes that mostly matches the same brushes I'm using in the most in CSP)
  • HQJpeg

Preview: Youtube

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