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Industrial Warehouse Interior 14

This model was made using real world scale for main shapes and details.

You'll get everything that can be seen on the images. No postproduction used. All objects are logically named. The Blend file is optimized for Cycles rendering using GPU - OptiX. If you'd like to render with CPU remember to set tile size to 64 for better render times.

The model has clean and fairly low topology. The floor and pallets with boxes are textured. Rest of the objects use simple Cycles materials.

Scene is lit by simple environment and emissive material applied to lamps.

Building dimensions : W: 15m x L: 50m x H: 6,5m

With everything:

Vertices: 239510

Faces: 215553

Triangles: 430913

Without furniture and pallets:

Vertices: 212872

Faces: 193101

Triangles: 385957

Floor texture is made from 3 maps: Base color, roughness and normal. 2048x2048 Pallets and boxes texture is made from 4 maps: Base color, metallic, roughness and normal. 4096x4096

The product comes in couple formats: fbx, obj, blend, blend packed and other.

After purchase you’ll get my full support if needed.

Thank you! Have a nice day! :)

Made with Blender 2.93 LTS. Due to huge software changes it won't work 100% correct with 2.79 and below.

Rendered with Blender Cycles.

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