Game ready

Toyota Hilux 1983 Camouflage Pack

This a Lowpoly model ready for put in any game engine like UE4, Unity3d, CryEngine, or even make nice renders with any Render engine like V-ray, Corona, Keyshot, etc, the renders of the presentation were made using iRay so the PBR texture will work fine in any other render engine, The package includes: 1 FBX File 1 OBJ File 1 Max File (Version 2014) 3 Package of PBR texture which includes Diffuse, Normal, Metalness, Roughness, AO, Opacity (each texture folder has different PBR material accordingly to the Camouflage version of the car) each texture has a resolution of 4096x4096 but they can easily reduced down to 2k and the model will still look fine

This model was made in real scale and also the pivot is in the world center, also each wheel is an independent object with their pivot in the center of each one in case you want to animate it

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