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RM Watercolor 2021 PRO (Brushes for Photoshop)

Modern masterpiece 2021 Watercolor Brush collection anthology for digital painting in Photoshop.

  • Pro' pack contains: Contour brushes, Soft brushes, Sharp brushes, Wet overlay brusshes, Plain and Textured and even more in one collection.

  • Both ABR and TPL files included! (TPL collection contains ERASERS and SMUDGES useful for Watercolor style painting and effects.)

  • Wide range of Stylus dynamics supported, including pressure and Tilt for comfort & inuitive painting like with natural brush.

This is (c) Original tool from creator. This Collection, was created by professional awarded artist and graphics engineer Roman Melentyev, author or most popular digital brush effects for all commercial CG art & painting software.

Just Start to Create with amazing fun, that you haven't ever before ...

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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