Comic Art

Robo Bean & Simple Structure of the Body

You can simplify pretty much any organic object into spheres, cylinders and cubes or a combination of these three forms.

We take the Bean and add structure to it based on the landmarks of the body. The Robo Bean represents the body as simple boxes to help us find its orientation and visualize it as a 3D forms.

  • What are the basic building blocks of structure?
  • How to manipulate the 3 forms
  • When should you use them?
  • The difference between sphere, cylinders and cubes
  • How position of the viewer effects the forms
  • Avoiding flat perspective
  • How to simplify
  • How to draw cylinders correctly
  • How to draw cubes correctly
  • Why use the Robo Bean?
  • What Landmarks do I use when constructing the Robo Bean?
  • Differences between genders?
  • How do the boxes move?

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