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Intro to ZBrush Part 1

For updated Intro to ZBrush content (2020 and beyond), check out the ZBrush for Ideation course: This video will explain the difference between the two products: But long story short, the Ideation series will be updated with new releases, these, while still containing relevant techniques and tools, will not. Also, many of your Intro needs may be covered by this free playlist from the Ideation series: and the free content in my other playlists: <<<

Use ZBrush as a concept, illustration, or production tool, starting here! Over 6 hours of video spread over 46 videos, all designed to get you productive in ZBrush in as short a time as possible, from navigation basics all they way to doing your own concept sculpts and keyshot renders. Lets get ZBrushing!

02:51 Part One Intro 07:51 File Handling Overview 11:34 Primitives And Polymesh3D 08:59 Navigation 11:03 Standard Brush Basics 12:09 Files Recovery and Menus 08:28 Sculpting And Resolution 05:41 Axes and Symmetry 07:03 Brush Palette And Move Brush 04:02 Subdivision History 06:05 Advanced Primitives 13:23 Dynamesh Basics 11:15 Clay Brush 07:42 Dynamesh Resolution Part 1 09:04 Dynamesh Resolution Part 2 03:52 Material Basics 02:44 Perspective 02:41 File Handling 10:57 Hard Surface Brushes 05:26 Benefits of Concepting in 3D 04:35 More Common Brushes 07:58 Mask Pen 08:25 Mask With Alphas 11:40 Other Masking Strokes 04:05 Smart Transpose Mask 05:29 Mirror And Weld 12:21 Transpose Basics 06:15 Transpose Continued 06:21 Transpose Practice 06:14 Sutbool Practice 09:01 Dynamesh Practice 02:30 Transpose Straighten 09:20 Selection Visibility Modifiers 04:53 Polygroups and Visibility 04:45 Clip Curve 11:37 Clip Modifiers Continued 02:43 Slice Modifiers 07:25 The Right Modifier For The Job 12:01 Beginner Exercise Head 08:04 Beginner Exercise Bust 13:13 Beginner Exercise Variants 11:27 Beginner Exercise Creature 15:15 Render Setup 10:02 Cardinal Bust 09:58 Dock Worker Bust 09:57 Victorian Bust 05:00 Armored Dock Worker

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