UV Unwrapping

Photogrammetry Basics

Tutorial series where we cover everything from camera settings (using just your phone!) to aligning images, constructing point cloud data and geometry, texturing, cleanup in ZBrush, and re-projecting textures back onto your cleaned up mesh and new UVs. We use both Reality Capture and Photoscan, and source photos are included if you want to follow along!

01:17 CameraSettings

07:18 PhotoBestPractices

02:45 RealityCaptureLayout

04:27 RealityCaptureAddingImages

05:31 Aligning Ground and Boundaries

01:50 RealityCaptureMeshGeneration

05:11 RealityCaptureMeshExport

11:18 ImportingAndTexturingExternalMesh

06:26 Photoscan Importing Images

05:49 PhotoscanAlignPhotos

03:17 PhotoscanDensePointCloud

05:04 PhotoscanGeometryAndMasks

05:00 PhotoscanTextures

01:51 PhotoscanSaveAndOptions

08:44 PhotoscanComparisons

06:08 Insert Mesh Boolean Cleanup

10:58 Mesh Extract Boolean Cleanup

07:42 Union Mesh Sculpt Cleanup

10:04 Photoscan ZRemesh

05:23 Photoscan Reprojecting Textures

06:29 Dynamesh Cleanup Mask Polygroup

05:58 Dynamesh Cleanup Split

08:28 Dynamesh Cleanup Sculpt And Noise

14:44 Dynamesh Cleanup More Techniques

09:23 Cleanup ZRemesh And Project

08:41 Cleanup UVMaster

04:30 Cleanup ZProject And Morph Brush

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