ZBrush 2018 What's New

54 Videos, over 5 hours of instruction covering every new topic in ZBrush 2018. Unlimited freedom with dynamic tessellation using the new Sculptris Pro brush options, super quadratic object morphing with the intense Project Primitive deformer, speedy polygrouping with the Polygroup It zplugin, and a whole lot more!

06:54 Sculptris Pro Base Functionality

04:03 Sculptris Pro Tessellation Resolution

07:04 Sculptris Pro Masking And Polygroups

06:31 Saving Smooth Brush Variants

04:17 Sculptris Pro Global And Local

11:32 Sculptris Pro Settings

10:38 Sculptris Pro Polypainting

04:04 Sculptris Pro Alpha Restrictions And Workarounds

04:18 Sculptris Pro Mask Restrictions And Workarounds

07:13 Sculptris Pro UV Restrictions And Workarounds

04:25 Sculptris Pro and ZProject

05:36 Sculptris Pro Boolean And Rock Tessellation

05:12 Sculptris Pro Mesh Overlap

01:29 Sculptris Pro Replay Last

07:17 Maximizing Sculptris Pro Performance

06:08 Remember Draw And Dynamic

07:32 New Snakehook Functionality

05:08 Geometry Tessimate

07:03 Basic Gizmo And Deformer Functionality

07:10 Project Primitive Base Functionality

08:41 Project Primitive Shapes Type 1 And 2

03:11 Project Primitive Shapes Type 3 And 4

06:02 Project Primitive Adding And Cutting

04:18 Project Primitive Opacity And Max Displacement

07:37 Project Primitive Symmetry

05:55 Project Complex Hard Surface Shapes

05:00 Project Primitive Concept Exploration

03:14 Project Primitive Vector Displacement

05:26 Project Primitive Hard Surface Panels

10:48 Crease And Bevel Deformers

04:07 Inflate Deformer

05:38 Remesh By Dynamesh

09:17 Remesh By Union

03:27 Live Boolean Master

03:35 Remesh By ZRemesher

02:21 Remesh By Decimation

06:09 Rotate Scale And Offset Deformer

10:16 Hard And Soft Deformers

04:12 Stretch And Skew Deformers

04:20 Slice Deformer

02:00 Smooth Deformers

02:04 Subdivide Deformer

10:43 Hard Surface Panel Techniques

04:32 Traditional Polygrouping Techniques

10:48 PolygroupIt Surface

04:47 Polypaint Refresher

09:33 Polypainting For PolygroupIt

03:00 PolygroupIt With Polypaint

03:26 Hard Surface Geo From PolygroupIt

02:08 Gizmo Multi Copy

03:59 New Group By Normals Algorithm

04:25 New Curve Brush Functionality

01:48 Decimation Master Presets

02:54 Start Up Material Quicksave Location OBJ Color And Mask

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