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Intro to ZBrush Part 2

For updated Intro to ZBrush content (2020 and beyond), check out the ZBrush for Ideation course: This video will explain the difference between the two products: But long story short, the Ideation series will be updated with new releases, these, while still containing relevant techniques and tools, will not. Also, many of your Intro needs may be covered by this free playlist from the Ideation series: and the free content in my other playlists: <<<

With almost 8 hours of instruction and 70 videos, Intro to ZBrush Part 2 is designed to crank your ZBrush abilities up a notch! We start immediately with getting custom hotkeys, interface, and menus to keep your creativity flowing on the page, instead of hunting and pecking off to the side. From there we'll give your designs a boost, with base mesh, accessory mesh, and advanced brush creation techniques. To wrap it up, there will be bonus videos on how the cover art to ZBrush Part 2 was created.

Once you've got Part 1 and Part 2 under your belt, head over to Part 3 for the final chapter in ZBrush fundamentals!

04:29 Part 2 Intro 05:31 Custom Hotkeys 04:32 Custom Interface 09:57 Custom Menu 06:41 Insert And Append 09:05 Insert Mesh Basics 05:22 Additive and Subtractive Inserts 04:21 Subtool Merge Dynamesh 03:46 Insert Multi Mesh Brushes 08:10 Custom Insert Brush 07:03 Auto Capturing Multi Brush 07:30 Separating Parts From Scan Data 07:10 Scan Data Insert Brushes 05:15 Base Mesh Creation Dynamesh 04:03 Base Mesh Creation Insert Mesh 00:40 Base Mesh Creation Archive 07:33 Base Mesh Creation Zsphere Basics 04:11 Base Mesh Creation Zsphere Body 03:27 Spotlight Basics 05:00 Creature Basemesh 08:12 Append and Radial ZSpheres 09:41 ZSketch With an Armature 03:17 Freeform ZSketching 07:39 Transpose Posing 05:09 ZSphere Posing 05:09 Mask and Transpose 05:09 Decimating For ZRemesher 05:53 ZRemesh Basics 01:20 ZRemesh Symmetry 05:29 ZRemesh Polypaint 05:21 ZRemesh Curve Strength 03:25 Project All 04:46 Remesh 06:25 ZProject Brush and Smart Resym 01:16 Accessory Mesh Creation Intro 09:09 Accessories - Concept Sculpt 02:22 Accessories - Splitting Pieces 08:15 Accessories - Concepting Gloves 04:16 Smooth Stronger 14:23 Accessories - Updated Jacket 07:00 Acessories - Extract And Polish 08:55 Accessories - Shirt Refine 06:43 Accessories - More Extract and Polish 06:01 Accessories - Morph Diff 05:57 Accessories - Pants Creation 08:58 Basic Subtool Organization 13:43 Advanced Subtool Organization 09:35 Topology Brush Basics 10:41 Topology Brush and Creasing 12:55 Accessories - Topology Brush Helmet 07:04 Accessories - Curve Snap Surface 02:38 Other Curve Fill Brushes 14:49 ZSphere Retopology 02:25 Projecting Detail 03:44 ZSphere Select Topo Cleanup 07:15 Accessories - ZSphere Thickness 05:33 Accessories - ZSphere Thickness Part 2 07:12 Accessories - ZSphere Thickness Part 3 10:17 Shadowbox Basics 05:57 Accessories - Shadowbox 06:44 Curve Mesh Brush Basics 06:15 Custom Curve Brush 07:00 Tri Curve Brush Basics 10:26 Organic Tri Curve Brush 08:01 More Tri Curve Brush Options 09:35 Bonus Reptile Bust Sculpt 09:58 Bonus Reptile Bust Refine Part 1 10:17 Bonus Reptile Bust Refine Part 2 09:43 Bonus Reptile Bust Polypaint 07:43 Bonus Reptile Marketing

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