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Cityscape Collection

More than 200 objects to decorate your cityscape scene. Make your scene more realistic, save time and money with this collection. High quality and detailed

INCLUDES: Air Conditioners: Facade and Roof. Antennas: TV, Satellite Dish and Celular. Bilboards: Roof, Facade and Sidewalk. Stairs: Emergency, slidable stairs, ladder. Shelfs: for shop windows; books, drinks,… Vending Machines Trees, Bushes, Flowers, Bamboo, Flower Beds, Tree Beds Street Lights, Traffic Lights, Traffic Signs Smoking Area, Terrace, Bus Stop Metro Entrances, Train Trash Bins, Garbaje Objects Fences, Bolards Hydro, Mailboxes, Parking Meter Pipes, Chimneys, Roads, and more..

SOFTWARE: 3dsMax 2012-16 (Vray Render, Scanline) Maya 2016 (Mental Ray Render) FBX 2016 (Geometry, UV's, Materials, Textures, Lights) OBJ (Geometry, UV's, Materials, Textures, Lights) Collada (Geometry, UV's, Materials, Textures, Lights)

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