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Tutorial - Visual Storytelling


The goal of this tutorial is to share with you my storytelling techniques through images. I also want to give you some tips that helped me to find my style and create my own code.

To do so I will describe my creative process, show you the questions I ask myself and how I apply these techniques to my work.

With this tutorial comes 253 photos that you can use to study composition, lighting, color and black & light values. I will use some of them to illustrate my process.

Don’t worry I won’t talk specifically about photography. I will just use the same art/narrative principles that can be applied in any kind of visual art discipline.


Part 1: How to find your style

  1. Life experience
  2. Knowing yourself
  3. Find inspiration in others
  4. Conscious copying
  5. A meaningful artwork tells two stories

Part 2: Feelings

  1. How to amplify a situation…
  2. … and to not do too much ?
  3. Offset your reality
  4. The luxury of choice
  5. Instinct

Part 3: Storytelling process

  1. Tell your story with composition
  2. Compose like an orchestra
  3. The difference between “rule” and “consequence”
  4. Catch the eyes
  5. Create an image like a level design
  6. Series

Personal use only

All of the photos in this product are for your own studies. You can not use them for any commercial work.


  • 1 PDF file
  • 35 pages
  • 253 photos

Follow my journey on Instagram: @nomadphotoreference

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