Beechcraft Starship 2000 aircraft concept

Pretty futuristic and original twin-turboprop concept by Beechcraft aircraft company from USA.My 3d model is not very accurate in comapring to real aircraft,but most of the details are similar to original.Model created with blender3d 2.75 version.Rendering images with blender internal render.There is one png texture 2100×2100 px for fuselage with windows and with stripe details.All objects are named by material and by object.Elevators and front wings are detached,but not rigged.There are landing gears for this product,which you can rigg and use both for flying and landing.There are no interior objects for this product.In obj and dae zip files there are also files with no subdivsion,so you could change something if you need it.Enjoy my product.

obj file verts: 27959 polys: 50656

objlow file verts: 13838 polys: 23476

Checked with GLC viewer

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