Base Meshes

Blue sports car concept

This concept was created and designed by me,but you can see it's a mixture of some well known concept and serial cars.Sorry I wasn't creative enough in giving better name to this concept.Model is created with blender3d 2.76 version.Renderings created with cycles rendering engine,settings and real included with blender file.There is only one texture projected from front view, for front grills included with every file.Objects are named by object and by material too.I rendered my objects with subdivision 2,but my objects are exported with subdivision 1.There are no interior,suspension or other detailed objects for this product.Most of the objects are detached,like carbody,doors,hood,etc.Enjoy my product and I hope so it will be great item for your projects.

3ds file verts:418296 polys:139432

obj file verts:75198 polys:139432

Checked with GLC viewer

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