Cessna Citation Latitude private jet

Pretty detailed 3d model of new Cessna business jet.Model created with blender3d version 2.76.Rendering previews with blender internal render software.Renderings created with subd 2,until my 3d models were zipped with subd 1.In blender file you can even use it without subdivisions if you like.There is only one texture projected from side view 2556x2556png file,with windows and stripe details.You can use this model for flying and for landing and you can pull wheels inside the fuselage.Also elavators are detached,but not rigged.Rudder is attached to the rest of the fuselage,but you can easily detach it.I have rigged wheel carriers,and where it's named axis that object you can rotate and pull in or out your wheels by axis.Most of the objects are named by object and by material too.Enjoy my 3d model of aircraft.

3ds file verts: 300117 polys: 100039

obj file verts: 58309 polys: 101195

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