Base Meshes

Corporate jet concept

Business jet concept created without using image references,but I took some design elements(my visual library) from real jets I modeled so far.I didn't want it to go to extreme with design.Model was created with blender3d 2.73 version.Rendering images I created with blender internal render,settings included with blend file.There is one png texture 2050x2050 px created with inkscape vector editor,for windows and for stripe details.Most of the objects are detached,some you can easily delete if you don't like it,like front wings.Objects named by object and by material.Objects aren't rigged and there are no interior objects for this product.You can move elevators,but I didn't rigged it.Side wheels are parented to wheel carrier.As you can see on my renderings there are landing gears for this product.Enjoy my concept.

3ds file verts: 216096 polys: 72032

obj file verts: 43058 polys: 73504

Checked with glc player

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