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8500 Ornamental Alpha Elements - Vol 13

Basic License (Full Pack with 50% Discount): Full Package Included with 50% Discount! (The original price of this product is $44) I put this license...

Basic License (Full Pack with 50% Discount): Full Package Included with 50% Discount! (The original price of this product is $44) I put this license to help all artists and people who have financial problems or cant buy the product at a higher price. 🌹


Now let’s go to the story of this package (Master of Decoration 2): This is the second version of Master of Decoration mega packages. I think the largest alpha package you’ve ever seen!

This Mega package, is the largest, most unique, most complete and most diverse collection of practical and high-end quality 4k of Ornamental Alpha Elements that you can have. Having this Mega collection to increase your library and bring these cool elements to your work. Use these pack to add quickly add creative details to your objects such as your modern or medieval interior and exterior structures or architecture, buildings, places, environments, walls, characters, clothing, weapons, armor, equipment and many other things that you know about it! for your Modern or Old-Time projects (Stylized or Realistic!) Can be used on any software that supported alphas and png files like zbrush, substance painter, substance designer, blender, 3dsMax, Maya, 3D Coat, Marmoset, Modo and etc… .

~ Release 1: Damask + Floral + Royal and Luxury + Mandala + Ornate + Round + Animal + Insect + Skull ~ Release 2: Asian + Corner + Divider + Decorative + Infinity + Moodboard + Plants and Leaves + Puzzle + Square + Sun and Stars

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This product (vol-13) including:

  • 8500 Ornamental Alpha Elements (50 alphas are free part) that contains: —– Release 1: 4030 Ornamental Alpha Elements (35 free) that contains: ~ 297 Damask ~ 972 Floral ~ 198 Royal and Luxury ~ 662 Mandala ~ 929 Ornate ~ 651 Round ~ 189 Animal ~ 130 Insect ~ 42 Skull

—– Release 1.1 (Extra): 217 Ornamental Alpha Elements that contains: ~ 18 Floral ~ 69 Decorative ~ 130 Decorative Alphabet

—– Release 1.2 (Extra): 185 Ornamental Alpha Elements that contains: ~ 34 Corner ~ 2 Damask ~ 32 Divider ~ 29 Floral ~ 59 Decorative ~ 6 Ornate ~ 23 Royal and Luxury

—– Release 2: 4020 Ornamental Alpha Elements (15 free) that contains: ~ 136 Asian ~ 504 Corner ~ 1965 Decorative ~ 627 Divider ~ 192 Infinity ~ 90 Moodboard ~ 252 Plants and Leaves ~ 19 Puzzle ~ 138 Square ~ 112 Sun and Stars

  • 50 ornamental alpha elements are Free
  • My Special Gift for You (to appreciate)


  • PNG / 32bit
  • Resolution: 4K (4096*4096) High-End Quality
  • There are PDF catalogs for Preview
  • Each one is neatly arranged in folders with own names

I just told you a few of their uses and showed you in the previews of my product!

  • The Master of Decoration Packages Are the largest creative library of Practical Ornamental Alpha Elements!
  • Now imagine how creative you can be with the 8500 Ornamental Alpha Elements!
  • Increase your library functionally once and for all!
  • Be The Master of Decoration!

The models not included!

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