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The Pointillism Procreate Brush Set + 🎥 Tutorial

Hello Artist, I'm excited to share with you:

🔵 The Pointillism Procreate Brush Set 🟣

Pointillism is an art form known to build shapes and forms just by using dots. I personally love 💙 this art style but, not gonna lie... it takes time and patience!

Well, not anymore 😁 🎉 I've carefully crafted this set of tools so that you too can create beautiful dotted artwork with as much ease as possible!

It includes a variety of Liners, Stipplers, Halftones, and some Pressure Sensitive variants of the brushes that will make the process as smooth as it gets.

And, if you've never tried out this type of art but want to... do not worry because I am including a 15 min Instructional video 🎥 to get you started 🙌

This set includes over 30+ assets!: 🖌 5 Regular Liners 🖌 7 Stippling Liners 🖌 6 Various Density Stippling brushes 🖌 8 Dotting Fillers (Solid + Pressure Sensitive) 🖌 1 Quick Dotting Stamp 🖌 3 Halftone Brushes 🖌 3 Fun Pressure Sensitive Dotting Tools 🖌 15 min Instructional video 🎥 (Stippling from scratch, Shading with Halftones, and Text Pointillism!)

🌟 Compatible with Procreate 5 or higher 🌟 Are you ready to get dotting?!

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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