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High poly Boulder Rock 230414

A. General product description:

This product consists of 8 3D models of rock formations. The shapes are relatively round, with edges worn by weather and environmental factors. These rock shapes are commonly found in geographical features such as coastlines, riverbanks, or streams and waterfalls. The color of the rocks is a blue-grey, with a slightly glossy surface and occasional darker patches caused by dirt or dampness.

B. Description of packages:

Which includes 8 high-poly rock models with a polycount of around 1.2 million poly for each model. The Base color texture is 16k and 4096 x 4096 (Normal Direct-X, Normal, Roughness, Glossiness, Ambient Occlusion, SpecularSmoothness). Additionally, 8 Substance Painter projects are included with pre-set materials that can be customized for color or material to create your own textures. 8 draft models are also included in ZTL format with vertex colors.

C. License:

For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views, which includes low-poly models and Substance Painter projects.

D. Agreement:

These models are designed for use in various game, film or advertisements projects etc.

Reselling these models on any 3D asset marketplace is not allowed.

This is a digital product with multiple models and textures. Once payment is successfully made, a download link will be provided.

Please note that this is not a physical product, therefore refunds are not accepted.

If there are any technical issues related to the models during use, please contact me for guidance and support.

Thank you for your interest in my product.

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