Icons & GUI

Coins pack

In this pack you'll find 38 beautiful icons for everything from the value of board game cards, to the store in a mobile game.

Key Features: — All icons in 512 and 512 size — 12 unique coins, for a total of 38 different icons. — each icon has 3 variations: gold, silver and copper. — each icon evolves from the most “simple” to the most “rich” — all icons are made in PNG without backgrounds, for easy use, just drag and drop where you want and that's it!

There are 12 unique types of icons in total, but each icon has 3 variations: gold, silver, and bronze (except for one chest without coins). The coins on the icons have a progression from the easiest and cheapest, to the coolest and richest, so you can easily create a difference between them by placing them side by side.

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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