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G6 Rhino Clay Vray

G6 Rhino Clay Vray 3D model

The 3d model is made in 3ds max 2020 and rendering in Vray, only press Rendering for generate your immage.

Is present a version for:

1_ Vray 4.3 in 3ds max 2020 ( Native File )

2_ Vray 4.3 in 3ds max 2017

3_ Scanline in 3ds max 2020 and 2017

4_ FBX Export in 3ds max 2020 for 3ds max 2015/2014

5_You find the Texture in the 3ds max 2020 folder.

Is present the layer and group for maneger easy the part for the model.

Polygonal Ngone used on the model.

6_Blender 3.4.1

Note: The background image is not include.

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