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FUG OT 65 Scout Car Vray

FUG OT 65 Scout Car Vray

Is Czechoslovak version of D-442 FG armoured scout car.

The Hungarian military leadership had abandoned the promising domestic recon armored car project based on WW2-era Csaba, because the Soviet government promised to sell large numbers of old BA-64s from USSR reserves at a low price. Hungary never received any BAs, thus Hungarian People's Army had no wheeled armoured reconnaissance vehicle from 1945 to 1960s. the desperate need of suitable recon vehicle and the insufficient performance of the Soviet industry (persistent shortage of APCs and Recon cars) were encouraged the Hungarian industry to develop and mass product a cheap but capable enough recon vehicle. In order to speed up development and keep prices down Hungarian industry largely based the design on parts of existing civilian vehicles and boat manufacturing experience of the Hungarian shipyards.

The 3d model is made in 3ds max 2016 and rendering in Vray, only press Rendering for generate your immage.

Is present a version for:

1_ Vray 3.6 3ds max 2016 ( Native File )

2_ Scanline rendering 3ds max 2016

3_Export in fbx and obj preset from 3ds max 2016, all export format use the material.

Is presente texture with resolution 4096 x 4096 and 2048 x 2048 you find it in the texture folder.

Is present the layer and group for maneger easy the part for the model.

Polygonal Ngone used on the model.

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