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MACALABS_FullSet. Procreate 5 Brushpack

Hi all It's with great pleasure that I can finally announce the release of my first Procreate 5 brushback MacalabsPRBFullSet is a rather...

Hi all, It's with great pleasure that I can finally announce the release of my first Procreate 5 brushback. MacalabsPRBFullSet is a rather complete selection of brushes (25) that I've created specifically for my Procreate 5 workflow, and hopefully will help yours too. The set is roughly divided in three macro areas: Drawing, Rendering and Fxs. Please see the Thumbnails Preview uploaded below to get an idea of each brush. Also, coming up soon: individual brushes previews and some case studies from cool artists, so stay tuned :P

WHAT YOU GET You get a MacalabsPRBFullSet1.0.brushset file, which can be installed as follow.

INSTALLATION 1. From the Brushes Menu in Procreate (top right), tap on the plus icon 2.Tap on the ‘Import from…’ option 3. Locate the file on your iPad 4.Done

REQUIREMENTS Procreate5. Not tested on earlier version, buy at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER You may not distribute these brushes to another party, and you may not modify the set (or single brushes) for distribution. Also, since it's hard for me to verify claims of any kind, there's NO refund offered. Thanks a lot

Feel free to post your work, comments and request below and I'll reply as soon as possible. Likewise if you enjoyed using the set please consider rating it here, or tag/mention @mr_macalabs on Instagram, so I will be able to keep track of your progresses. It really helps out a lot so thanks in advance!

Hope you enjoy and Happy Painting! Marco


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