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Urban City Shops, Modular Asset Kit

This city mega-pack kit allows you to create an optimised urban city with a range of shops and office buildings made for UE4 and it's been tested in UE5. As seen in the images (and video link below) there are a range of maps which are Sun Set, Rainy, Midday, two Night Time maps to help showcase your creation ideas, there is also an Asset Overview.

The construction script buildings allow you to drag and drop and adjust the floor height from zero up to as high as you like by typing the number of floors you need should you want to make a parkour game or you can keep it low level for racing games or first person shooters. You can scroll through 20 shop sign names with a simple slider, the tick boxes will help with customisation of window frames.

Custom buildings includes a large tower block, twin office building, four story office, water tower, high quality street assets such as fire hydrant, trash bin, postal box. The assets from the pre fabrications are included such as the shops, building floors, pavement, curb stone, guttering, drop curb, loads of water, gas and electric pipes, fruit stalls, air-conditioning units and much more so you can easily customise the scenes to your own needs.

The street and traffic lights are set up for night and day with a static mesh or blueprints which have attached spot lights so you can simply drag and drop them or add them to the road kits. The road marking cards are inside the road kits and as individual assets, both can be selected, moved, rotated and scaled.

The decals of the pot holes are baked from photogrammetry and can be added to the road kits or placed around the map as needed, same for the water puddles that has speed control so you can adjust the wind effect on the puddle. The flag has wind physics so you can tweak that to your needs, see the video and images attached for more details of the pack.

Technical Details Detailed break down.

· 16 shops with adjustable floor height using construction script

· Various lighting set ups, midday, sunset, and two different night set ups and some rain, as seen in video

· Each shop has 20 adjustable sign names

· Three custom detailed buildings (large tower block, twin office building, four story office)

· Water Tower

· Tessellation for cobbled street blocks with height puddle

· Shop stickers (adjustable opacity and colour)

· Adjustable material colour and normal/roughness values for the brick work

· Vertex paint on pavement and walls, as seen in video

· Street assets, fire hydrant, trash bin, fruit cart, postal box.

Number of Unique Meshes: over 300

Collision: (Yes, automatically generated)

Vertex Count: Buildings 18-25K

Main Central Building 250K

Water Tower 18K

Road 14-20K - (ranges due to road, pavement, curb, gutter and drains meshs)

LODs: (No)

Number of Materials and Material Instances:50 – 150 MI

Number of Textures: 200

Texture Resolutions: (mainly 1&2K)

Supported Development Platforms: UE4 2.26 - tested 2.7 & UE5


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