Armour Metal Scales

It's a super substance that you can create thousands variations of your Armour texture by choosing metal material between Steel,Silver,Gold,Brass and 11 metal scale patterns also adjusting the aging effects like dirt, rust, oxidized, damage etc. It comes with 44 2K exported material textures. But you can use Substance Player to create and export your own to desirable size. Also for the source file Substance Designer 2017 version made by substance engine 6. Also rather than PBR Metallic Roughness, it export outputs for UE4 packed splat map, Unity and external renderers like Arlond Vray Corona Renderman. Analytical Bellow - Base Color - Diffuse - Normal - Normal GL - Roughness - Metallic - Ambient Occlusion - Opacity - Specullar - Specullar Color - Specullar Face Color - Reflection - F0 - IOR - Emissive / Translusive


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