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Panzer VI - Tiger II - WW2 German Heavy Tank

The Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. B is a heavy tank designed by the nazi germany during the second world war. The tank was desiged and produced by the companies Henschel, Krupp and Porsche, the project started during 1937, but it was adbandoned and retook during 1941. It entered in service for first time during the Normandy battle and was in service until 1945, the tank participated also in the Market Garden operation, the battle of the Ardennes, the soviet offensive in Poland and the german ofenssive to Hungary during 1945. The tank was the evolution of the Tiger I, it combined the best characteristics of the Tiger I and the Panther tanks, having an inclined and heavy armor, a relatively good movility and a high firepower, but the inexperience of the german tank operators during the ends of the war caused that some of this advantages were wasted. The model was made by using blender, counts with 313278 polygons and 18 material textures, can be exported to .fbx .stl .obj and other formats.

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