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Urban Elements Texture Reference 1 (Free Samples)

Photo Reference Images for Artists

Free samples for your evaluation of product "Urban Elements Texture Reference 1"

The actual pack has close to 2000 photos.

Zipped File size: 24.2 MB
Number of images: 24
Formats: JPG
Locations: UK (England & Scotland)

Free sample images are provided at 60% of their original size and can be used freely for personal and commercial use. Their file names correspond to the pack you can buy for a higher resolution.

In the final product, many are also part of sequential sets. For more details, check out the contact sheets of the item for sale, which will show you exactly what you'll get at what resolution.

Intended usage:

                         Concept art
                         Photo bashing
                         Matte Painting
                         Material & Texture creation
                         2D & 3D Environment art
                        General Reference

Camera: Various compact cameras: Lumix DMC-FX37, PENTAX Optio 550

Image Sizes of full product: Various sizes from 1200 pixels to 3600 pixels and greater. Sequential images have been stitched where possible providing some images over 10000pixels. Please see the provided on contact sheets on the full product for details.


Royalty-free. You can use these as part of original personal, commercial and derivative work authored by you as many times you like. No attribution/credits required.

Copyright of images in their original format as provided in this pack remains with the author of these images. Please do NOT re/sell, redistribute, share or sell the images in their original, unaltered form.


These photos were originally intended for personal reference and not Pro Stock Photography. Shot with compact cameras, not high-end DSLR cameras. Some images might have blur, lens distortion, exposure, and color balance abnormalities - but are still fine for references.

I am not responsible for your use of these photos. You should be fine; images were taken in public areas.

Thank you for taking a look - enjoy!

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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