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Hand-Painted Fantasy Village Pack Building Edition

Inigmas Studios proudly presents our second asset pack "Hand-Painted Village Pack - Buildings Edition"! This version of the fantasy village pack, comes with roughly 120 uniquely created modular building assets! All of our assets come with a single texture atlas making expansion onto the set a cinch, whether you wish to expand on to the atlas itself or puzzle new mesh UV's into it! Each mesh was methodically planned out and is entirely mobile ready! We have also thrown in a few extra features, such as animations, and more!

STATISTICS: Estimated Triangles per Mesh: -Buildings: 2~4k -Building Connectors: 200~500 -Environment Props: 100~1k

Estimated Vertices per Mesh: -Buildings: 1.5~3.5k -Building Connectors: 100~400 -Environment Props: 100~1k

DISCLAIMER For presentation purposes to show both of our sets working in tandem with one another, we used both our "Hand-Painted Forest Pack" and our newly created "Hand-Painted Village Pack". Upon purchasing, you will receive the village pack only, unless of course you have our forest assets.

Our community voted on our "Hand-Painted Village Pack" to be split up into two economical split packs, and thus, this is the "Buildings Only Edition" -- all of the village props were removed from this edition!


You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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