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Milk & Chocolate Animated Splash Package

This Package contain two separate scene

pouring milk & chocolate (300 Frames) Falling strawberry into the milk & chocolate (300 Frames)

Separate Alembic File included, You can import alembic file into 3d applications there is a one floating fluid, you can copy or change timeframe in alembic setting(Like screen shot) or you can use it as a still frame OBJ and FBX files are also attached but they are only a still frame . you can drag and drop to any scenes into your 3d application which accept ABC file such as 3dsmax, maya, blender, Cinema4D, you can render it in any render engines with any materials. Render Scene included, Screenshots rendered with Octane Renderer 

including 3SMAX file(octane,vray) C4D and Blender(standard materials) OBJ and FBX for still frame

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