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Action Packed! - Photoshop Action Pack

As a 3d artist working on games, I've found myself repeating the same steps over and over in Photoshop. This is a collection of helpful actions that help me throughout my texture creation process to save time.

This pack contains:


New Template PSD (creates a template PSD for texturing with folders for normal, albedo, roughness, metalness, ambient occlusion, and heightmap folder.) Normal Map Actions:

Overlay Normal Flip green channel Filters

Median Reduce Noise 1PX (very useful for removing noise textures) Despeckle (also good for noise reduction Sharpen Dilate 32px (for when you have flattened your texture and are going to export to your engine, this helps keep your mipmaps from picking up gross artifacts from other uv islands Image Size

Various actions to quickly rescale your image Selection Actions (various sizes)

Contract Expand Feather Smooth Offset

Various offsets for tiling your texture.

You will get 1 file

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