435 photos of Philippine Jeepneys Public Transport

Reference pack by atenitsky,

Jeepney buses are the main public transportation of Filipinos. Every jeepney has a unique livery design always done in bright cheerful colours.  The majority of the pack contains photos from a jeepney factory. This allows studying chassis, bodywork, suspension, and the overall production process. Also photos of jeepneys found on the streets are included. Each vehicle is an art object of its own. They are still mass-produced in the Philippines. The name originally comes from the surplus of American military jeeps that were repurposed after the second world war. Shot on a Samsung phone that had a choice of 3 lenses for extra wide shots of cramped spaces and longer lens for open spaces or zoom-ins.

Included:  435 photos (1407 MB)
Quality:  4000 x 3000
Equipment:  Samsung S22+
Location:  Luzon, Philippines
Content Type:  Editorial (refer to this guide on how you can use such material)

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