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Cast Iron Street Lamp

Detailed model of a Cast iron street lamp. This is an actual model of a street lamp from Hungary . This lamp can be used in high quality outdoor archiviz renders to bring life and detail to your scene. Can be used in traditional and contemporary scenes as well.

The model is ready for quality renders and close ups. Renders were created with Cycles.

Tech info: The model is a subdivision surface, the renders were done with 1 iteration. The model is still good quality without subdivision to save on render times when viewed from a distance. Object origin is set to the base of the model for easy placement and scaling. Materials are set for Cycles.

Polygon count (without subdivision): 67000 Vertex count (without subdivision): 67000

Package info: There are 2 different blend files included: streetlamp_only.blend – only contains the model with the materials. streetlamp.blend – is the actual scene file from which the renders were done. It has an additional object called ground-bowl (hided). Lighting is provided by a Sun lamp and Ambient Occlusion.

OBJ and FBX files are tested in 3ds Max

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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