Rotating beacon

Detailed model of rotating beacon. Ready for quality renders. Renders were done using Yafaray. Materials are set for Yafaray and simple blender render as well. Materials are included only in the blend file.

Beacon is built up by the below objects: Glass: subd polycount 25000, no subd: 1500 Base: subd polycount 24300, no subd: 1500 Inner base: subd polycount 11700, no subd: 1600 Bulb base: subd polycount 26200, no subd: 1100 Bulb: subd polycount 2200, no subd: 150 Mirror: subd polycount 7500, no subd: 475 4 screws: subd polycount 4x8400, no subd: 4x500

All objects are modelled using only quads for better subdivision results

You will get 4 files

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